Grandmothers with a baby are getting out: what to do

Keep the child’s room temperature between 18-22°C and humidity at 40% or higher. Avoid swaddling to prevent joint problems. Keep the sleeping place minimalistic. Use white noise to soothe the baby. Feed based on the baby’s appetite and avoid using animal milk as a substitute for formula.

A child’s room should be hot

As the grandmother enters the room where the baby is, she exclaims, “Why is it so cold in the room?! Do you want the child to get cold and sick?! Get the heater!”

However, if this scenario occurs during winter and the room has central heating, using a heater is unnecessary and harmful. It not only heats the air to an uncomfortable temperature for the baby but also dries it out, which can negatively impact the baby’s overall health.

The optimal temperature in the room where a small child lives should be within 18-22 ° C, and humidity of at least 40%.

It is obligatory to swaddle

“What is it that you have a baby in, what else is a cocoon! Let me swaddle him normally” – complains the grandmother over her grandson. The attitude to swaddling in older people has always been one – it is necessary and as strong as possible.

The arguments are very simple: so the baby’s legs will be in a straight position and it will prevent clubfoot and curvature of the legs, and tightly tightened arms will not frighten during sleep little one.

However, modern children’s doctors agree that swaddling leads to dysplasia of the hip joint, and flinching from sudden movements of the arms passes quickly enough and helps to quickly adapt to self-sleeping.

The child should sleep on a pillow

When arranging a child’s sleeping place, especially for children of the first year of life, minimalism should be observed. It should consist only of a crib and a hard mattress. No foreign objects in the bed and on its sides should not be.

Different kinds of pillows for children under two years old are forbidden by doctors, as they contribute to the improper formation of the spine. And blankets and toys can cause suffocation of children in their sleep.

If the child sleeps, you need complete silence

“Everyone do not breathe! Our baby fell asleep!” – hisses at everyone strictly grandmother. But all this is not so important for a baby, especially one who has just been born. Being still in the womb, he always heard loud enough sounds of heartbeat, rumbling in the stomach, the movement of blood through the veins. They only help him sleep more soundly by reminding him of his time in the belly.

So, recently among young moms, mobile applications with installed variations of white noises have become very popular, which help to calm and tune in to the child. From this we can conclude that silence is needed by parents, not children.
Feeding should be strictly by the hour

“It’s been three hours, are you thinking of feeding the baby?” – asks the grandmother indignantly. And nothing that your child is sound asleep, which means that he is fed and satisfied with life.

Despite the proven inconsistency of the method of feeding by the hour, there are still followers who talk about the feasibility of this technique. In the case of breastfeeding, it is recommended method of feeding on demand infant, then you will be sure that the child will finish and there will be no risk of overfeeding.

And even if you are on artificial feeding, despite a certain scheme, it is necessary to focus on the appetite of the baby, not what is written on the can.

Why does the baby need formula, better milk

At the mention of formula for feeding, many of them will grab for the heart with cries of “It’s all chemistry!” and start a lecture on the naturalness and benefits of milk. Only this naturalness can greatly harm the newborn, because the minerals contained in animal milk are not assimilated by children’s kidneys, it does not contain a sufficient amount of vitamins D and C, which are vital in the first stages of the baby.

Also, the protein in cow’s milk may not be digested, causing food allergies. All of the above is taken into account by manufacturers of children’s adapted mixtures and recommended by pediatricians around the world.

It is necessary to feed from diapers

According to WHO recommendations, feeding children of the first year of life should begin no earlier than 4-6 months. And it is worth noting that until 4 months, experts categorically forbid to give anything other than breast milk or adapted milk formula.

After this period is not prohibited to introduce complementary foods, and after 6 months it is strongly recommended, because with the growth of the child required trace elements, especially iron, in breast milk is not enough and it must be obtained from products from the common table.