How to Celebrate 33 Years of Marriage: The Stone (or Strawberry) Anniversary

33 years of shared life – a significant milestone for both spouses and their invited guests. The preparation for this celebration, the festivities, and the gathering with family and friends make this day memorable for everyone involved.

What is the 33rd Wedding Anniversary Called and How is it Traditionally Celebrated?

33 years is a beautiful and substantial duration, a testament to the enduring love between spouses. All the highs and lows have been navigated together, creating a relationship that is both sturdy and tender. In popular tradition, the 33rd anniversary is referred to as the Stone or Strawberry Anniversary, reflecting the diverse experiences of married life.

Stone Anniversary: Symbolizing the solidity of the bond, akin to the durability of stone, external and internal challenges pose no threat to these well-established relationships. Over 33 years, spouses have learned to understand and listen to each other, overcoming hardships and strengthening their connection.

Strawberry Anniversary: If spouses are still together after 33 years, it signifies that they have acquired a taste for the shared journey, symbolized by the sweetness of strawberries. Having studied each other’s characters and accepted each other for who they are, the couple’s life often becomes as peaceful and delightful as strawberries.

Typically, by the 33rd year of marriage, couples have adult, independent children, and some even have grandchildren. Family life tends to become calm and sweet, much like the flavor of strawberries.

There are no strict rules for celebrating the Stone or Strawberry Anniversary. Depending on the couple’s preferences, the day can be marked with a quiet home celebration or a lively gathering at a cafe or restaurant. As it’s not a significant milestone like a jubilee, spouses and relatives often opt for a family celebration with the presence of close relatives and trusted friends.

The color theme for the celebration is red and burgundy, used in decorating the venue and recommended for gift selection.

From ancient times, some traditions have persisted for celebrating 33 years of marriage. For instance, it is customary to cut a fresh strawberry in half and give each half to the spouses. The wife should eat one half, and the husband the other. This ritual aims to revitalize the love and passion by recalling events from their youth.

Another tradition suggests preparing strawberry wine for the occasion, offering it to all the guests at the celebration. For non-alcohol drinkers among the guests, strawberry juice or compote is a delightful alternative.

It’s worth noting that various cultures have their own unique traditions. For example, in China, on the 33rd anniversary, they release 33 red lanterns into the sky, believing that this ritual strengthens the marital bond.

What to Gift on the Stone (or Strawberry) Anniversary

Choosing a gift for a couple celebrating 33 years of marriage requires thoughtful consideration. Here are some curated ideas:

Whether it’s a symbolic stone carving or a basket of fresh strawberries, the key is to choose a gift that reflects the enduring love and sweetness shared by the couple over the years.

In conclusion, celebrating 33 years of marriage is a joyous occasion filled with traditions, symbolism, and the reflection of a strong and loving union. Whether it’s a quiet evening at home or a lively gathering with loved ones, the Stone or Strawberry Anniversary is an opportunity to honor the journey traveled together and look forward to many more years of shared happiness.


How to best celebrate the 33rd wedding anniversary?

Celebrate the 33rd anniversary based on your preferences, either with a quiet home celebration or a lively gathering at a cafe or restaurant. The choice often depends on whether the couple prefers an intimate family setting or a more festive atmosphere.

Where did the tradition of cutting a strawberry in half come from?

The tradition of cutting a fresh strawberry in half and giving each half to the spouses is a symbolic ritual. The wife eats one half, and the husband the other, signifying a return to the passion and love experienced in their youth.

What are the symbolic meanings of the Stone and Strawberry Anniversaries?

The Stone Anniversary represents the solidity of the marital bond, akin to durable stone, while the Strawberry Anniversary symbolizes the sweetness and delight of shared life. These names reflect the diverse experiences and strengths of a long-lasting marriage.

When is it customary to celebrate the 33rd wedding anniversary?

Celebrate the 33rd wedding anniversary whenever it feels right for the couple. While it’s not a jubilee, many choose to celebrate in the company of close relatives and trusted friends. The celebration can take place at home, in a cafe, or a restaurant.

To whom should the strawberry ritual be performed during the celebration?

The strawberry ritual, where a fresh strawberry is cut in half and given to the spouses to eat, is typically performed by the couple celebrating their 33rd anniversary. This ritual aims to revitalize love and passion by recalling youthful moments.